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Field study of coccidial and rotaviral diarrhoea in unweaned piglets
  1. L Roberts and
  2. EJ Walker


A study of diarrhoea in unweaned piglets was carried out in nine herds, with special reference to the enteropathogenic agents which could be demonstrated. Coccidial (Isospora suis) and rotaviral infections were both identified, either singly or in combination. More extensive studies of I suis infection were undertaken in two of the herds and it was found that diarrhoea occurred most commonly in five- to 14-day-old piglets. Piglets with I suis infection were not necessarily diarrhoeic but grew poorly compared to uninfected piglets. I suis infection in litters correlated with oocyst excretion in sows. In herds with I suis infection, amprolium and monensin were used in the sow ration to achieve control, and in one herd oral dosing of piglets with amprolium in the first three or four days of life was carried out.

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