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Production of enteritis in calves by the oral inoculation of pure cultures of Campylobacter fecalis
  1. RR Al-Mashat and
  2. DJ Taylor


Pure cultures of an isolate of Campylobacter fecalis obtained from an abomasal lesion in an 18-month-old heifer were used to infect calves in two experiments. Three milk fed calves were infected in experiment 1 and the clinical features noted included mild changes in faecal consistency. In experiment 2, three ruminating calves were infected and blood and mucus were seen in the faeces but faecal consistency remained firm or soft and no diarrhoea was noted. Rectal temperatures in the infected animals were not consistently elevated and C fecalis was isolated from the faeces of all infected animals in the two experiments but not from those of the five control animals. Mild abomasitis and ileitis were noted in all six infected animals. The mesenteric lymph nodes were pale and enlarged. C fecalis was recovered from the ileum, caecum, colon and gall bladder of all infected animals, from the abomasum and jejunum in most and from the livers of three animals. It was never recovered from any of the control animals. The findings are considered to indicate that C fecalis is a primary pathogen of cattle.

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