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Efficacy of a new oxytetracycline aerosol against foot rot in sheep
  1. RB Harding,
  2. R Joby,
  3. JT Maidment and
  4. KE Pugh


A test was designed to evaluate the efficacy of a new oxytetracycline aerosol in the treatment of foot rot in sheep. Of 186 sheep, 66 were treated with the test preparation, 61 were treated with an existing oxytetracycline aerosol and 50 acted as unmedicated controls. All affected feet in the three groups were first paired and then, for the two treatment groups, a single application of antibiotic aerosol was given. There was little difference in response between the two treated groups, but the improvement in both these groups was significantly greater than in the control group. The test was also applied to 60 cases of scald. One application of either the test product or its comparable antibiotic aerosol was effective in the treatment of scald.

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