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Immunosuppression in toxoplasmosis: studies in sheep with vaccines for chlamydial abortion and louping-ill virus
  1. D Buxton,
  2. HW Reid,
  3. J Finlayson,
  4. I Pow and
  5. I Anderson


Toxoplasma gondii infection was established in sheep seven days (acute infection) or 28 days (chronic infection) before they were given enzootic abortion (EAE) vaccine alone or simultaneously with louping-ill (LI) vaccine. Uninfected controls received the same vaccination schedule. The serological response of acute toxoplasma-infected sheep to initial LI vaccination was significantly depressed but after revaccination four weeks later these sheep demonstrated a response equal to that of the revaccinated controls. Infected sheep also gave a significantly poorer response to EAE vaccine than control animals, the effect being more marked in those with chronic infection. Revaccination evoked no clear response in any group but on three of five sampling days antibody titres of controls were significantly higher than those of infected sheep.

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