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Influence of time of feeding on time of parturition in beef cows
  1. BG Lowman,
  2. MS Hankey,
  3. NA Scott,
  4. DW Deas and
  5. EA Hunter


The influence of time of feeding pregnant beef cows on the timing of parturition was investigated. The results suggest that the distribution of calvings between 'day' and 'night' can be altered by time of feeding. The calculations, based on a small quantity of data, suggest that feeding at 22.00 would result in 79 per cent of cows calving between 06.00 and 22.00. On the same basis of calculation the traditional 09.00 time of feeding would result in 57 per cent of cows calving during the 'day' period. There appears to be some evidence that by feeding pregnant beef cows in the evening better supervision of calving with a smaller proportion of cows calving at night can be achieved.

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