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Osteochondritis dissecans and fragmentation of the coronoid process in the elbow joint of the dog
  1. D Bennett,
  2. SR Duff,
  3. RO Kene and
  4. R Lee


Of 26 dogs with elbow osteochondrosis, 11 had osteochondritis dissecans of the medial humeral condyle, seven had fragmentation of the coronoid process of the ulna and eight had both these lesions. Sixteen cases had bilateral involvement. The labrador and retriever breeds were most often affected and the male sex predominated. The clinical features included a foreleg lameness in a young immature dog with pain localised to the elbow joint. The most consistent radiological feature was the presence of osteophyte development especially on the dorsal aspect of the anconeal process, caused by secondary osteoarthritis. The authors are not certain that surgical treatment of elbow osteochondrosis is justified; more extended long-term studies are necessary before surgical and conservative therapeutic regimens can be fully evaluated.

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