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Comparison between parenterally administered copper complexes of their ability to alleviate hypocupraemia in sheep and cattle
  1. NF Suttle


In a comparison of four parenteral copper preparations for sheep administered at similar dose rates, copper as diethylamine oxyquinoline sulphonate (copper DOS) was found to alleviate hypocupraemia in ewes more consistently than copper calcium EDTA and copper-methionate, given in a cream (C) or aqueous base (A). In similar comparisons of preparations for cattle, copper calcium EDTA was 19 per cent more effective than copper DOS and 36 to 48 per cent more effective than copper methionate (A). Methionate preparations were characterised by marked reactions at and slow translocation from the site of injection whereas copper DOS was rapidly translocated and gave little or no tissue reaction in sheep or cattle. Attributes of an improved parenteral copper preparation are discussed in the light of disadvantages of existing preparations.

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