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Treatment of ringworm in calves using griseofulvin
  1. AH Andrews and
  2. J Edwardson


Ringworm infection of a farm manager is described. Treatment of 10 ringworm-infected calves (group A) on the farm was undertaken with the daily administration of griseofulvin powder for seven days at a rate of 7.5 mg per kg body-weight and compared with nine infected control calves (group B). Group A showed fewer new lesions (22) than group B (80) and fewer new lesions per infected animal (3.7 and 11.4 respectively). The appearance of the last new lesions was earlier in group A (21 days) than in group B (56 days) and the duration of infection in the former group was less (49 days and 98 days respectively). Two control calves were not infected until after infection in group A had resolved.

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