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Use of cloprostenol with dexamethasone in the termination of advanced pregnancy in heifers
  1. RD Murray,
  2. JH Smith and
  3. DB Harker


The difficulty of devising a standard treatment regime for cattle which would predictably terminate pregnancies in the 200 to 250 day range is described. Eight 15-month-old heifers which had been accidentally mated when approximately eight months old were examined by rectal palpation and condition scored. To induce abortion an intramuscular injection of 20 mg dexamethasone phenylpropionate was given followed 11 days later by an intramuscular injection of 500 microgram cloprostenol. A record was made of the time of calving along with calving and post calving details. Two of the heifers aborted before the injection of cloprostenol. The other six aborted within 48 hours of receiving this injection. The practical problems associated with aborting immature cattle are discussed as well as the financial aspects.

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