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Cryopreservation of buffalo semen
  1. K Ahmad and
  2. RA Chaudhry


Twenty-one split semen samples from five bulls were diluted in five diluents. The diluents comprised lactose-egg yolk-glycerol, fructose-egg yolk-glycerol and three different combinations of lactose and fructose with equal proportions of egg yolk and glycerol. The straw-method of deep freezing was used. Frozen semen was evaluated on the basis of post thawing motility percentage, survival of spermatozoa at 37 degrees C and absolute index of survival. Statistical analysis of data revealed highly significant differences between diluents for the three characteristics tested. The diluent comprising 11 per cent lactose 56.25 ml + 6 per cent fructose 18.75 ml + egg yolk 20 ml + glycerol 5 ml achieved the best results.

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