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Serological evidence for the presence of Brucella canis infection in dogs in Britain
  1. DJ Taylor


A total of 169 dog sera was tested for antibodies to Brucella canis and B abortus using rose bengal stained antigens. No antibody to either organism was found in 118 samples. Three samples from dogs known to have been in contact with the organism, contained antibody to B abortus. Two, both from doberman pinscher bitches with American ancestry but born in Britain, contained significant levels of antibody to B canis. One sample which had been taken following caesarian section for a dead pup had an antibody titre of 1:1280 to B canis in the serum agglutination test and the other, taken from a young bitch with pyrexia, had a titre of 1:320. These serological findings were considered to indicate that B canis infection may be present in dogs in Britain.

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