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An abattoir study of bovine neoplasms with particular reference to ocular squamous cell carcinoma in Canada
  1. AN Hamir and
  2. OB Parry


An abattoir survey of bovine neoplasms in Alberta, Canada was carried out during 1976/77. A general incidence of 2.8 neoplastic cases per 1000 cattle slaughtered was established. Ocular squamous cell carcinoma (cancer eye) was the most common tumour encountered during this period. A second survey confined to cancer eye lesions revealed an incidence in slaughtered cattle 0 . 92 per cent. Fifty regional parotid lymph nodes draining invasive types of ocular squamous cell carcinomas were examined macroscopically and microscopically for evidence of tumour spread. In 8 per cent, the gross and microscopic examinations did not correlate.

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