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Effects of low level dosing of iron on the haematology and growth rate of piglets
  1. RM Kay,
  2. PT Gleed,
  3. A Patterson and
  4. BF Sansom


Of 472 piglets (56 litters), half reeived 200 mg and half received 100 mg of iron as iron dextran administered intramuscularly as a single dose into the ham muscles between the first and fourth day after birth. The piglets were weaned at about three weeks of age, at which time those given 200 mg of iron had higher values of all haematological components. However, there was no significant difference between the mean daily live-weight gains of the two groups, and 100 mg iron maintained haematological components above levels associated with anaemia. It is suggested that 100 mg iron as iron dextran is adequate for piglets weaned at three weeks of age.

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