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The pathogenesis of enteric colibacillosis in neonatal unsuckled calves
  1. GR Pearson and
  2. EF Logan


The development of pathological lesions in the small intestine of neonatal calves is described. Seven newborn calves were challenged orally with a known enteropathogenic strain of E coli 0101k?(A) and killed at varying times after inoculation. Adhesion of bacteria to the mucosa of the small intestine was observed in all calves. A few organisms were seen in the distal small intestine at three hours after inoculation and thereafter adhesion progressed anteriorly along the intestine in calves killed from six to 36 hours. In these calves pathological changes occurred between six and 12 hours after inoculation. Villi were stunted and thickened and the epithelial surface was irregular. A further calf, anaesthetised from five-and-a-half to 10 hours after inoculation and repeatedly sampled from the distal small intestine, developed similar lesions abruptly at nine hours after inoculation. Villus and crypt lengths in the challenged calves were compared with those in three normal uninoculated control calves.

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