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Pelvic urethrotomies in bulls
  1. KB Singh and
  2. SV Rao


Pelvic urethrotomies were attempted on 32 bulls (12 cattle and 20 buffaloes). Infra-anal urethrotomy was carried out under a tranquilliser, posterior epidural and supra-ischial blocks. Prebulbomuscular urethrotomy was performed under a tranquilliser, posterior epidural and pelvic plexus blocks. Cystoscopy and litholapaxy were attempted to make comparisons. The animals which had been operated on were maintained for one month during which postoperative signs were noted, and after they were killed post mortem, radiographic, macro- and microscopic findings were recorded. From the results it is concluded that infra-anal urethrotomy presents difficulties whereas prebulbomuscular urethrotomy, especially the closed technique, is suitable for cystoscopy, pelvic lithotomy and litholapaxy.

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