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Detachment of the ischial tuberosity sows
  1. SH Done,
  2. MJ Meredith and
  3. RR Ashdown


The clinical and pathological features of five cases of detachment of the ischial tuberosity are described. In two cases, the detachment occurred unilaterally; one was a gilt showing severe lameness which precluded mating and the other was a uniparous sow which showed only slight lameness. Three gilts which were affected bilaterally developed progressive lameness during pregnancy and were unable to stand after farrowing. One of these gilts died and two had to be slaughtered. The diagnostic features of the epiphyseal detachment were shortening of the caudal extremity of the ischium, palpation of the displaced ischial tuberosity and crepitation elicited by pressing the displace tuberosity against the ischium.

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