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Sedation of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) with xylazine
  1. TA Bongso


Doses of 100 to 300 mg of a 10 per cent solution of xylazine satisfactorily sedated six elephants ranging from 150 to 255 cm shoulder height. At these dosages all animals were sedated in the standing position. The time taken to produce the initial signs of sedation ranged from 10 +/- 4 to 20 +/- 4 minutes and the effects lasted from 60 +/- 8 to 100 +/- 15 minutes. The time taken from injection to complete recovery ranged from 360 +/- 31 to 540 +/- 21 minutes. Recovery was uncomplicated. Repeated administration of as much as seven injections per animal at intervals of three to four days had no adverse effects. Disturbances during induction delayed the onset of action of the drug.

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