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Non-penetrative percussion stunning of sheep and calves
  1. DK Blackmore


Attempts were made to stun lambs, adult sheep and calves by a non-penetrative percussive method. Using an adapted Cash pistol, with a concave padded impact head, impulses were produced which effectively stunned 96% of lambs but induced brain haemorrhages in up to 7% of the animals. The signs and duration of an effective percussive stun were observed and recorded. Calves were readily stunned by percussive methods but brain haemorrhages frequently occurred. Impulses sufficiently large to stun adult sheep, with a non-penetrating impact head, were produced from an adapted Hantover pneumatic cattle stunner. Comparative trials, using electrical and percussive stunners, demonstrated a significant decrease in the prevalence of blood splash in lambs stunned by percussion.

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