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Evaluation of uterine tube function in pony mares
  1. WE Allen,
  2. BM Kessy and
  3. DE Noakes


Two experimental procedures were investigated in order to assess their usefulness in diagnosing occlusion of the equine uterine tube. The starch grain test, which involves the injection of a starch suspension onto the ovary and the subsequent recovery of starch from the cervix, proved to be safe and reliable. Each tube could be investigated separately. It was found that when starch was injected onto the ovulating ovary on the day of ovulation, there was a delay of four to seven days before starch was recovered from the cervix. The phenolsulphonphthalein (PSP) test, which involves the deposition of dye solution into the uterus and its subsequent identification in urine after peritoneal absorption, was not reliable. Contamination of the urine occurred per vaginum, and the test was not unilaterally specific.

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