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Spinal analgesia and sedation of goats with lignocaine and xylazine
  1. DR Nelson,
  2. RS Ott,
  3. GJ Benson and
  4. JC Thurmon


Spinal anaesthesia of 20 does undergoing laparotomies was accomplished with epidural injections of 2 per cent lignocaine at a dosage of 1 ml per 4.55 kg in 16 goats. Epidural injection resulted in paralysis lasting 198.5 minutes +/- 36.6 minutes. Subarachnlid injection resulted in paralysis lasting 180.8 minutes +/- 44.9 minutes. Xylazine was given intramuscularly at the dosage of 0.11 mg per kg after posterior paralysis was complete. These treatments resulted in effective analgesia for surgical intervention. Recovery was complete and uneventful in all goats. An additional 26 operations were performed using this treatment and results were equally satisfactory.

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