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A survey of gastro intestinal helminth parasites of stray dogs in Zaria, Nigeria
  1. BJ Dada,
  2. DS Adegboye and
  3. AN Mohammed


A survey of helminth parasites in stray dogs was carried out in the Zaria area. Out of 180 dogs examined 65.6 per cent (118/180) were found positive for Ancylostoma caninum, while Toxocara canis and Trichuris vulpis were detected in 41.1 per cent (74/180) and 13.9 per cent (25/180) respectively. Other helminth parasites found Taenia ovis 35 per cent (63/180) Taenia hydatigena 67.8 per cent (122/180), Echinococcus granulosus 0.006 per cent (1/180) and Dipylidium caninum 97.8 per cent (176/180).

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