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Ischaemic necrosis of the navicular bone and its treatment
  1. CM Colles


In a survey of 95 control horses and 16 horses with navicular disease, the incidence of erosions and discoloration of the flexor cartilage of the navicular bone was no different between the control horses and those with navicular disease. All cases of navicular disease showed thrombosis of the distal navicular nutrient arteries and this could be related to a change to a rounded or flask shape of the distal nutrient foramen of the navicular bone. Erosions and discoloration of the navicular bone are therefore of no significance in navicular disease. Previously described lines of treatment are of little value in the treatment of navicular disease. Preliminary experience with the use of anticoagulant therapy may indicate another alternative form of treatment, but the long term results have yet to be assessed.

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