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Factors affecting the survival of Treponema hyodysenteriae in dysenteric pig faeces
  1. SP Chia and
  2. DJ Taylor


Treponema hyodysenteriae was found to survive for periods of up to 48 days in dysenteric pig faeces stored at temperatures between 0 degree C and 10 degree C inclusive. Survival was reduced to seven days at 25 degree C and did not exceed 24 hours at 37 degree C. Dilution 1:10 with tapwater appeared to enhance survival to a maximum of 61 days at 5 degree C but further dilution reduced it. Drying and exposure to disinfectants rapidly eliminated T hyodysenteriae from dysenteric faeces. Phenolic and sodium hypochlorite disinfectants were most effective. The use of these findings in the formulation of control programmes for swine dysentery is discussed.

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