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Studies on cross protection induced in calves by rotaviruses of calves, children and foals
  1. GN Woode,
  2. ME Bew and
  3. MJ Dennis


Inoculation at birth with a live attenuated strain of a bovine rotavirus isolated in the USA (scourvax-reo) induced protection in five gnotobiotic calves seven to 21 days later against a UK isolate of pathogenic bovine rotavirus. However, no protection was induced in three calves challenged three to five days after vaccination. There was a close antigenic relationship demonstrated between the two bovine rotavirus isolates. In contrast only one of three gnotobiotic calves inoculated with foal rotavirus, and one of three with human rotavirus, were protected against bovine rotavirus challenge. Protection in these two calves correlated with high heterologous immunofluorescent antibody titre (320 or greater), although the neutralising antibody titres was less than 20.

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