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An evaluation of the efficacy of oxfendazole against the common nematode parasites of the horse
  1. JL Duncan and
  2. JF Reid


In a controlled trial in naturally-infected young ponies, oxfendazole administered orally at dose-rates of 10 mg per kg and 50 mg per kg resulted in complete elimination of Trichostrongylus axei, Parascaris equorum, Oxyuris equi and adult Strongylus vulgaris. Also, all migrating Strongylus edentatus larvae recovered from the subperitoneal tissues of the flank were found to be dead. Minimum efficiencies of 99.8 per cent and 99.1 per cent were obtained against adult small strongyles (Trichonema spp) and 97.6 per cent and 100 per cent of developing small strongyle larvae at dose-rates of 10 mg per kg and 50 mg per kg respectively. Although the arterial lesions caused by migrating S vulgaris larvae were less severe in the treated compared with the untreated animals, reductions in mean larval numbers over controls were only in the region of 49 to 59 per cent.

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