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A complement fixation test for antibody to the contagious equine metritis organism
  1. P Croxton-Smith,
  2. JA Benson,
  3. FL Dawson and
  4. DG Powell


A complement fixation test (CFT) based on that used for brucellosis (Brinley Morgan and others 1971) has been developed for use on the sera of horses exposed to the contagious equine metritis (CEM) organism. None of 50 single samples from horses thought to be unexposed to the CEM organism was positive to the test, although five showed inconclusive reactions. Samples were examined from 41 mares either proved to be infected or from an infected stud. Of these 21 were positive, 11 were inconclusive and nine were negative. The relationship of the CFT to reactions in the other tests used in this condition is discussed--the serum agglutination test (SAT) and antiglobulin test (AGT) (Benson and others 1978). Complement fixing antibodies appear to remain for a longer period in the infected animal, and are therefore more likely to be of use in the diagnosis of the chronic carrier state.

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