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Antibodies to Leptospira in the sera of aborted bovine fetuses
  1. WA Ellis,
  2. EF Logan,
  3. JJ O'Brien,
  4. SD Neill,
  5. HW Ferguson and
  6. J Hanna


Antibodies to Leptospira serotypes were detected in sera from 15 (6.9 per cent) of 218 aborted fetuses, but were not detected in the sera from 196 non-aborted fetuses. Fourteen (6.4 per cent) sera from the aborted fetuses had antibodies to strains belonging to the Hebdomadis serogroup and 1 (0.5 per cent) had antibodies to a strain belonging to the Icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup. These antibodies were predominantly immunoglobulin M whereas in the dams, antibodies belonged to both immunoglobulin M and G classes.

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