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Use of the phenolsulphonphthalein dye test for fallopian tube patency in cattle
  1. B Kothari,
  2. JP Renton,
  3. CD Munro and
  4. J Macfarlane


Results of preliminary investigations of fallopian tube patency in cattle using a method based on intrauterine instillation of PSP dye, and detection of the dye in the urine, suggest that this test can provide a useful diagnostic aid in cases of bilateral occlusion. In such cases PSP dye is not evident in the urine two hours later. In normal animals dye is present within 30 minutes. In two animals with unilateral blockage dye appeared at an intermediate time between the normal and bilaterally occluded cases. Repetition of the test and the use of adequate volumes of dye to cause uterine distension may be necessary to eliminate false negatives.

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