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Herpes virus of turkey vaccine: viraemias in field flocks and in experimental chickens
  1. C Riddell,
  2. BS Milne and
  3. PM Biggs


In a field survey of viraemias due to vaccination of chickens with herpes virus of turkey, variation was encountered in titres and percentages of birds viraemic. The incidence of viraemias was much lower in sick than in healthy birds in flocks undergoing mortality from Marek's disease. In a concurrent experiment the same strain of chicken and the same commercial vaccine were used as in the field flocks affected with Marek's disease. A high incidence of viraemia and 84.6 per cent protection against Marek's disease were obtained with single vaccination at one day of age. Revaccination at 21 days of age produced no measurable benefits in the same experiment.

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