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Non-surgical transfer of bovine embryos
  1. AO Trounson,
  2. LE Rowson and
  3. SM Willadsen


Bovine embryos obtained from donors six to nine days after oestrus were transferred non-surgically at a rate of one per recipient using a sterile insemination instrument, protected from contamination by the vagina with a plastic sheath. The percentage of recipients pregnant increased with the age of embryo transferred and for day 6 and 7 embryos was 33% compared to 58% for day 9 and 8 embryos. This difference approached statistical significance. Bacterial contamination of the instrument on withdrawal after transfer was not related to the success or failure of pregnancy. Maintenance of pregnancy to term and calving appeared to be normal. It is suggested that this method could be used for the routine transfer of eight and nine day embryos.

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