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Discrete prostatic (paraprostatic) cysts in the dog
  1. AD Weaver


A description is given of the history, clinical features, surgery, outcome and pathology of 12 dogs with discrete prostatic cysts over 50 ml in volume. The dogs were middle-aged and presented with either urinary or alimentary signs or both. The cyst was usually palpable in the posterior abdomen as a smooth, non-painful mass, readily demonstrable on contrast radiography (pneumocystogram). Attempts were made to drain and resect the cysts, but resection often proved difficult due to its attachment to the region of bladder neck and ureters. In no case could the origin be shown to be from an enlarged uterus masculinus. The cyst content was invariably sterile, but its nature and the pathology of the cyst wall varied considerably between individuals. Since the long-term outcome was only satisfactory in three cases, the prognosis must be guarded.

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