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Haematological and blood chemistry "comparison values" for clinical pathology in poultry
  1. JG Ross,
  2. G Christie,
  3. WG Halliday and
  4. RM Jones


Twelve blood chemistry values, six haematological values and bodyweight were estimated for six-week-old specific-pathogen-free brown leghorns. Observations were based on 208 birds sampled from 11 groups. Subsequently the same values were estimated for specific pathogen free brown leghorns and broiler hybrids of differing ages. These estimates have been designated "comparison values" and were intended for reference use in clinical pathology. Results were compared with 14 "comparison value" estimated obtained previously for six-week-old commercial broiler hybrids. Haematological values varied with age and type of bird. Differences were observed between bird types in serum protein, serum cholesterol, uric acid, calcium and potassium levels and in weight. The significance of these differences is discussed.

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