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Reproductive performance of ewes mated to rams heterozygous for the Massey I (t1) centric fusion (Robertsonian) translocation
  1. SE Long


One hundred Scottish Blackface ewes were mated to New Zealand Romney rams heterozygous for the Massey I (t1) centric fusion (Robertsonian) translocation. The lambing percentage of ewes lambed was 131 and the segregation of normal to balanced heterozygous lambs was 1:1. No chromosomally unbalanced lambs were born. Nine heterozygous females were mated to a heterozygous male and produced two homozygous, three heterozygous and seven normal lambs. The homozygous male had hypoplastic testes. The results indicate that there is no significant reduced fertility with 53XYt1 rams but that fertility of 52XYt1t1 rams should be further investigated.

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