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Amoxycillin: clinical trials in dogs and cats
  1. ME Francis,
  2. AB Marshall and
  3. WT Turner


Amoxycillin, a new broad spectrum semi-synthetic penicillin was subjected to preliminary clinical testing in 351 cases in dogs and 264 in cats in veterinary practices. Two formulations were used: capsules by mouth and an aqueous suspension by injection. Those taking part were asked to use amoxycillin in the treatment of all conditions that they considered required an antibiotic and to report their results in terms of success or failure according to criteria laid down. Samples were taken whenever practicable for bacteriology. Dose ranges were 4 to 11 mg per kg for the oral capsules twice daily in dogs and most cats and 11 mg per kg once daily in some cat cases over five days and 2 to 7 mg per kg for the injectable suspension once daily in both species for three to five days. Results for the full range of conditions are given in tabulated form. Overall percentage of success according to the criteria laid down was 80.1%.

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