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Mycological and clinical observations on ringworm in cattle after treatment with natamycin
  1. L Spanoghe and
  2. EP Oldenkamp


A total of 41 calves which were naturally infected with Trichophyton verrucosum were treated with natamycin used as a total body spray. Ten other infected animals were not treated and considered as control animals. Clinical observation and mycological examination show partial improvement to complete recovery with simultaneous sterilisation of the infected skin areas. Five to six weeks after treatment, 88 per cent of the treated animals had recovered or showed a distinct improvement, 65 per cent had a negative culture. After 11 to 12 weeks these percentages were 95 and 91, respectively. All controls yielded a positive culture during the whole observation period. The method used for the detection of the presence of Trich verrucosum in skin scrapings and hairs permitted accurate diagnosis in as little as two to five days.

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