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Biotin-supplementation of diets; the incidence of foot lesions, and the reproductive performance of sows
  1. PH Brooks,
  2. DA Smith and
  3. VC Irwin


The effect of biotin supplementation of diets for breeding sows was investigated in a herd where the sows exhibited symptoms resembling those of experimentally induced biotin deficiency. Twenty sows received diets supplemented with 250 mcg D-biotin per kg in pregnancy and 150 mcg D-biotin per kg in lactation. Over a six month period the supplemented sows showed a 28 per cent reduction in the number of foot lesions recorded. Twenty-two control sows showed no reduction in foot lesions. Sows on the supplemented diets produced more piglets at birth than controls, but the differences were not significant. However, second parity supplemented sows did produce significantly more live pigs than controls (1-64 +/- 0-77, P less than 0-05). The weaning to remating interval was significantly reduced from 15-31 +/- 2-85 days in the controls to 6-23 +/- 2-85 days in the supplemented sows (P less than 0-05) and the percentage of sows exhibiting oestrus within seven days of weaning was increased from 56 per cent to 89 per cent.

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