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Synchronisation of oestrus and fertility in buffaloes using a prostaglandin analogue
  1. MA Perera,
  2. N Pathiraja,
  3. WL Kumaratilake,
  4. AS Abeyratne and
  5. V Buvanendran


Cloprostenol, a prostaglandin analogue, was administered intramuscularly to a total of 35 cycling buffalo cows and heifers in two doses, each of 0.5 mg, given 11 days apart. Out of five cows and 12 heifers subjected to observations after the second injection of cloprostenol (day 0), all except one heifer responded. Signs of oestrus were most marked on days 3 or 4. Eighteen treated heifers were kept with buffalo bulls for four days after the second injection while a control group of nine heifers was kept with bulls for 21 days. The first-service conception rate, diagnosed by rectal palpation at 60 days, was 33 1/3 per cent in both groups. Twelve treated heifers were artificially inseminated at 72 and 96 hours after the second injection of cloprostenol, using fresh semen diluted in egg yolk--citrate extender. The first service conception rate at 60 days was 30 per cent.

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