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Efficacy of tetramisole and dichloroxylenol against Syngamus trachea in pheasants and turkeys
  1. RM Connan and
  2. DR Wise


Two water soluble products currently recommended for the treatment of syngamiasis were tested in pheasants and turkeys. Dichloroxylenol (Rotgape; Adams & Moulson), was found to have no efficacy. Although tetramisole (Game Bird Wormer; ICI) administered in drinking water had a moderate efficacy against three- and four-day-old larvae (47 to 71 per cent), its level of efficacy against infections associated with disease, those of seven days and older, was poor (5 to 29 per cent). It is concluded that neither product is likely to be of value in field outbreaks of syngamiasis.

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