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Breeding record analysis in pig herds and its veterinary applications--1: Development of a program to monitor reproductive efficiency and weaner production
  1. TA Pepper and
  2. HW Boyd


Analyses of breeding records and herd efficiency factors are important for veterinary surgeons supervising reproductive efficiency and piglet performance in breeding herds. These data include: the number of litters produced per sow per year; the distribution of weaning to service intervals; the number of sows returning to service by 30, 60, 90 and 120 days; the percentage of sows farrowing to first service; the percentage of sows found to be not pregnant; and the percentage of sows aborting. Boar performance data, piglet mortality percentages, piglet growth rates, feed efficiency factors and the percentage of sows culled from the herd are also analysed. A computer program was developed to produce these and other data from simple breeding records.

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