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Experiements with an inactivated hepatitis leptospirosis vaccine in vaccination programmes for dogs
  1. JH Wilson,
  2. WM Hermann-Dekkers,
  3. S Leemans-Dessy and
  4. JW Meijer


A fluid adjuvanted vaccine consisting of inactivated hepatitis virus (iH) and leptospirae antigens (L) was developed. The vaccine (Kavak iHL; Duphar) was tested in several vaccination programmes both alone and in combination with freeze dried measles (M) or distemper (D) vaccines. The results demonstrate that this new vaccine is also effective in pups with maternally derived antibodies, although a second vaccination at 14 weeks of age is recommended to boost the first vaccination. For the booster vaccination either the iHL-vaccine or the liver attenuated hepatitis vaccine (H) can be used.

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