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Control of ovulation and fixed time insemination in heifers following cloprostenol
  1. JF Roche


The time of ovulation was determined in heifers following two injections 11 days apart of 500 microgram of cloprostenol by recovery of reproductive tracts at slaughter. Ovulation had not begun by 72 hours while 31%, 61% and 95% had ovulated by 78, 92 and 96 hours respectively after the second injection of cloprostenol. Injection of synthetic LH-releasing factor (GnRH) given 48 hours after cloprostenol significantly hastened the time of ovulation in animals slaughtered at 78 hours after the second cloprostenol injection. Insemination of heifers at 48, 60 or 72 hours resulted in lower fertility than two inseminations at 60 and 72 hours or at 48 and 72 hours after treatment. Controlling the time of ovulation with GnRH did not increase the fertility following a single insemination 71 hours after the treatment with cloprostenol.

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