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The urinary excretion of synthetic corticosteroids by the horse
  1. DI Chapman and
  2. J Whiteside


A radioimmunoassay method has been developed that enables the administration of therapeutic doses of synthetic corticosteroids to be detected in horse urine. Fourteen proprietary preparations of these steroids have been given by intramuscular injection to ponies and thoroughbreds. The administration of some preperations could still be detected six days after a single intramuscular injection of a therapeutic dose. The route of injection of dexamethasone-21-sodium phosphate, whether intramuscular, intravenous or intra-articular, did not appear to alter the length of time over which the steroid or its metabolites were detected. However, the chemical and physical form of the steroid markedly affected the excretion in the urine and this parallelled the duration of its action.

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